Fallen Feathers – singing for nature 🌿

Fallen Feathers is a summer singing project for young nature lovers.

We will be singing to celebrate nature and sound the alarm to protect our planet. We’ll be recording a song which draws attention to falling numbers of birds, rising levels of pollution and generally making the case for a better and greener world.

Anyone can take part. It doesn’t matter how old you are, what school you go to, or where you live. If you’re passionate about saving the planet and want to join in the fun then please get involved!

We will also be raising money for a brilliant charity called #Black2Nature – which aims to make the natural world accessible and enjoyable for everyone, with an emphasis on communities who might otherwise feel excluded. #Black2Nature was founded by 17 year old birder and activist Mya-Rose Craig (aka BirdGirl)

Click this picture to watch the video
The video above has all the information you need to take part.
Once you’ve watched the video:
CLICK HERE to find the guide tracks and start singing
CLICK HERE to find the fundraising page for #Black2Nature