Choirs Addressing Climate Change

I’m hosting a panel discussion called ‘Choirs Addressing Climate Change’ in collaboration with Music Declares Emergency.

11am-12pm on Thursday 24th June

We want to open an honest and helpful discussion around how the choir community can best respond to the challenges ahead and take positive action in regards to climate change. Choirs are such a force for good in so many ways, and we know there’s lots of good will in this area. We want to join up the entire choral community of UK-based professionals, amateurs, and children and help choirs and their conductors to take action and be a voice for meaningful change.

We hope this will be a sharing of ideas and action points, a catalyst for further conversation and the building of a community of engaged leaders and choirs with a passion for music and community who feel equipped to embrace sustainability.

We have five amazing panelists:

  • Aubrey Meyer – Climate campaigner & musician
  • Chris Hutchings – Composer & founder #ChoirsForClimate
  • Naala – Vocal artist
  • Naveen Arles – Vocal leader
  • Nina Vinther – Singer & environmental campaigner
It is a free event, but you need to register and save a place. CLICK HERE for tickets.